Are you ready for the new Rules regarding road side furniture and safety barriers?

Austroads or ASBAP have advised that all product submissions to the panel must comply with the MASH guidelines effective immediately. MASH or Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware is a more stringent test criteria ensuring a higher degree of safety for road workers and vehicle occupants.  Got a temporary work zone and need MASH compliant barriers, then Shield I is your solution.



The Shield I TL-I water filled barrier is an approved and compliant redirective approved barrier system for temporary use on roads. Meeting the evaluation criteria of MASH Test Level 1 (TL-1) making it the first water filled safety barrier to be on the ASBAP and state road authorities approved list. The Shield I barrier system comprises of the longitudinal BSS2000 Orange Barrier and the BSS2001 Yellow Terminal End Treatment.  The Shield I is the perfect solution when a temporary barrier is required to shield pedestrians and temporary work zones from traffic flow.

This water filled temporary barrier is designed to safely contain and redirect errant vehicles travelling up to 50km/h with an impacting angle of up to 25 degrees. The unique UV stabilised polyethylene and patented composite design with steel connecting pin allow the barrier to be installed straight or curved to a radius of 28M if.

Required, 8 degrees per barrier join.

  • Tested minimum length of need between terminal ends is only 44M.
  • Suitable for speeds up to 50km/h.
  • Tested and approved to MASH-09 (TL-1)
  • Stackable for easy storage & transportation.
  • Composite design for maximum strength.